Alida Lechter

Alida has over 18 years of research experience.  She’s a professionally-trained bilingual moderator, avid traveler, food fanatic and sport-lover.  People and cultures are her passion, and she has a special way of relating to consumers.  Whether she’s in Mexico City talking to middle-aged men about fiber supplements, in Dallas discussing chocolate milk preferences with kids or in Madrid interviewing cardiologists about new treatment options, Alida finds ways to make respondents feel at ease in order to explore all kinds of subjects and fuel a discussion that yields invaluable insights.

Alida is a native of Colombia, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Economics with a concentration in Food Marketing Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  She has completed post-graduate courses in Marketing Research and International Business.  In 2000, she was honored by “Working Woman” magazine as one of the top young businesswomen in the country and has been featured in The Miami Herald and Bloomberg Radio.

She has experience in a wide range of product and service categories, including, automotive, wireless communications, over-the-counter medicines, fast food, language-learning methods, paper towels, gum, cookies and cakes, banks, etc.  Alida also enjoys working on projects with non-profit organizations, many of which deal with pressing social issues.

When not on a window seat on an American Airlines flight, Alida splits her time between Miami and Madrid.

Allison Helikson

Allison has 15 years experience in marketing, consulting and public relations. She has led marketing strategies for financial service and luxury goods companies in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Although born in the US, Allison can be considered a global citizen, having lived in the UK, Spain, Colombia and Mexico. Additionally, at various points in her career, she was responsible for managing strategies in Latin America and Eastern Europe. She has a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of South Florida.

Her areas of expertise include financial services, the affluent segment and cultural and philanthropic partnerships. Allison enjoys the arts, horseback riding and practicing her Spanish anywhere in Latin America.

Pola Reydburd

For the last 20 years, Pola has worked with a large number of international corporations and organizations that offer products and services for the Hispanic and global markets.  Her professional bilingual language skills are remarkable; she is equally at home interviewing respondents, writing and editing reports, and doing simultaneous translations in English and Spanish.

Pola received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.  Her extensive experience managing groups includes the implementation of Leadership Training Programs that included Public Speaking, Team Work and Time Management Skills in communities throughout Latin America.  Since moving to the United States, Pola has been involved in civic organizations related to her two passions: women’s issues and arts and culture.