New World Global Research

New World Global Research

Case Studies

Gelato bound for the US

An ice cream and gelato manufacturer from Spain wanted to introduce its products in the US market.

By conducting focus groups and shop-alongs in New York and Miami, New World Global Research obtained insights regarding the perception and consumption habits of gelato consumers. In the US, gelato is perceived to be a premium product and consumers expect upscale and elegant packaging, exotic flavors and a higher price-point compared to ice-cream.  After seeing and trying our client’s gelato, it was clear that the flavors and packaging did not meet the expectations of US consumers.  The client decided not to introduce its brand in the US and now knows that they must make changes to their product formula and image in order to be successful in this market.

Specific findings like these can save clients time and money in the process of developing and/or exploring new markets.

Toast as an alternative to sliced bread

A manufacturer of baked goods from Latin America wanted to grow sales of its line of toast among non-Hispanic consumers in the US.

A qualitative project, which included in-homes and focus groups, was conducted in Los Angeles, New York and Miami to understand consumption habits among this target.  It was immediately evident that General Market consumers were completely unaware of the category and could not identify any product benefits; however, once they were exposed to the actual product, interest was overwhelming. Based on the research, the following initiatives were implemented:

  • New packaging to include a variety of consumption ideas and important nutritional claims.
  • A clear communication of the product benefits (portability, versatility, shelf life, etc.), especially compared to sliced bread.
  • Product sampling in supermarkets in order to get potential consumers to try it.

As a result, product recognition rose and sales increased.